What is a trackchair?

A TrackChair is a battery powered chair with rubber tracks instead of wheels. It is easily operated utilizing the same joystick as a medical powerchair. Here is one of the models we use:

TrackChair at Siesta Key Beach in Florida

Can anyone use the trackchairs?

Yes. Anyone can use them. They are easy to use and a lot of fun!

How easy is it to operate one?

Trackchairs are easy to operate. Just point the joystick gently in the direction you want to go. It stops just by letting go of the joystick.

How old do you have to be to use a trackchair?

There is no age limit. If an individual uses a powerchair for daily mobility, they will be able to use the trackchair.

How fast can they go?

These trackchairs go approximately 3 mph on the beach.

Any easy is it going through the sand?

Very Easy! No issues at all. These trackchairs will conquer sand, snow, mud and just about any uneven terrain.

Can the trackchairs go in the water?

At Siesta Key Beach, NO! Our liability insurance will not allow our trackchairs to enter the water. However, if you purchase one for personal use, these trackchairs are more than capable of going into approximately eight (8) inches of water.

How long do the batteries last?

The trackchair will travel approximately 10 miles on a single charge or about 3 hours of “continuous” run time.

Is TrackedMobility at Siesta Key Beach every day?

During peak season, we are here 7 days a week from 10 am to 4 pm. During off season, please check our website as hours of operation may vary.

Do you rent trackchairs at other beaches?

More beaches and locations coming soon! Sign-up for our newsletter for updates.

Will memberships work at other locations?

Yes! Membership will be accepted at all current and future locations where TrackedMobility operates.

What do you do if you are using a trackchair on the beach and it starts raining?

You may stay out in the rain or under an umbrella. The rain will not hurt the trackchair. Seek shelter if lightning is present.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

It takes six hours to charge the batteries. This is not your responsibility. Let us do the work! You enjoy….

Can I take a picture?

Absolutely!! Take as many as you like and share on Facebook.